Inside Out Logo

Inside Out is a mental health service provider and coordinator for residents in the state of Iowa.

We support community members in their journey to better mental health and well-being. We believe in helping Iowans receive the care and treatment they need to live a better life, free of stigmas or stereotypes. When you're here, you're one of us.

  • Transitional Living Program

    Short-term housing for individuals who are looking for guidance and stability to redevelop or gain skills as they seek to live an independent lifestyle. This program is offered to residents of Audubon, Dallas and Guthrie counties.

  • Crisis Stabilization Program

    Our Crisis Stabilization Program offers individuals a short-term stay in a supportive and supervised environment following a mental health crisis. This is an alternative to a hospital or incarceration setting and provides a nurturing environment focused on finding treatment for the individual. This program is offered to all Iowans.

  • Mobile Crisis Response Team

    The Mobile Crisis Response Team provides emergency crisis assessment and intervention services in conjunction with law enforcement. Inside Out will send a trained mental health expert to your home, office or school in an unmarked car to provide the appropriate crisis services in a familiar environment. To receive mobile crisis services, call 911. Mobile crisis services are available to residents of Audubon, Dallas, and Guthrie counties.

  • CIT Program

    Our Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Co-Responder Program partners mental health professionals and first responders to best identify, de-escalate and navigate a mental health crisis. Using this approach, people in need are less likely to be sent to jail because they are evaluated and connected to services that assist them in moving forward with life. The CIT Co-Responder Program is avtive in the communities of Clive, Waukee, West Des Moines and Urbandale.